Michael J. Clarke

Archangel was founded as a full service private investigation and protection agency that is headquartered in Los Angeles, California but has operations in over thirty-six states with continued expansion. Mr. Clarke has personally been vetted and taken all licensing exams in each of the states that Archangel has protection and investigation operations. Mr. Clarke has personal experience in threat assessments, covert surveillance, executive protection/bodyguard, fraud investigations, skip-tracing, interviews/interrogations and site advances for clients that ranged from celebrities, politicians, executives and corporations.

In Michael’s experience from over 27 years in personal protection and threat assessment he has developed expertise in risk management and mitigation by assessing situations in advance and de-escalating potentially violent encounters when they occur.

Prior to founding Archangel, Michael was a field investigator specializing in subrosa for a Special Investigations Unit in South Central Los Angeles for Travelers Insurance.

Michael has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice.

As active shooter events have increased, Michael realized that most people can’t afford their own personal protection team so they should learn to protect themselves as much as possible.

Ken Good

Naval Special Warfare: Small unit tactics, small arms, weapons, demolitions, and pyrotechnics to ensure constant combat readiness. Maintained a high level of physical fitness needed to successfully operate on Land, Sea and during Airborne operations. Training in communications, long-range patrol, small-unit tactics, first aid, unconventional warfare, submarine operations, small boat operations, intelligence gathering, extreme environment survival, tactical weapons and demolition. Honor Graduate of Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training (BUD/S) class #105  Director of Training – US Navy Fleet Training Center Delivery of instruction involving anti-­terrorist and counter-terrorist situations, hostage procedures, Served as the Fleet Training Center San Diego, Shipboard Security Program Coordinator and Course Curriculum Model Manager (CCMM) – GS-12. Directed the operations of courses for a decade reaching audiences exceeding 3,000 personnel per year. Mr. Good founded and directed Combative Concepts (1995-1998) , SureFire Institute (1998-2002), Strategos International (2002-2005) and Progressive Combat Solutions (2005-Present) Commercial Tactical Training, Curriculum Development and Product Development Mr. Good has extensive experience in product design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution as well the development and implementation of Tactical Training delivered to Military and Law Enforcement personnel. Mr. Good holds several design patents for illumination tool products used in these environments. During this time frame, Mr. Good authored a ground-­‐breaking publication: “Law Enforcement Officers Guide to Low Light Engagements”. Considered the first comprehensive work on the topic. As violent active shooter incidents have increased, Ken Good realized that just training law enforcement wasn’t enough but that civilians needed his training as well if they are going to have a chance to survive.

Ted Westmoreland

Ted Westmoreland served 23 years in the US Army with over 18 years in Special Operations. He has deployed numerous times to conflict areas and gained first hand experience responding to mass casualty incidents both with and without modern equipment over the course of his career. These experiences aided in developing several items related to crisis response and he continues to innovate based on his experience. He has served in instructor capacities for a variety of advanced skills over the past 25 years but none are more important to him than those that enhance modern survival. His driving passion is to share practical insights from lessons learned with others so that they can be better equipped and prepared to respond to modern disaster events.He has now spent a decade in the commercial sector as a trainer and professional educator with a focus on Outcomes-Based Training; Modern Self-Care and Survival; Law Enforcement First Responder; Austere Medical Care; and Mass Casualty Incident Response. He currently works with TDG Resources, a company he founded, where he frequently consults to share key insights into better equipping individuals and organizations for readiness, response, and resilience in the face of crisis.